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Tilting Turntable

Tilting TurntableThe basic thermal spray process handling system configuration exists typically of an industrial robot for the manipulation of the gun and a turntable as a work piece handling. The KT90 tilting turntable is especially designed to work in conjunction with the robot. All functions of the turntable are coordinated and controlled by the robot. The turntable has the capability of indexing/positioning, and tilting, controlled as external robot axes (7th and 8th axis).

The tilting range is from horizontal to 90°vertical position. This configuration is selected and required for optimal coating of complex parts, such as blades, vanes or liners. In this way, all faces and angles of the parts can be achieved in combination with manipulating the spray gun to ensure optimal coating conditions, such as spray angles and distance, speeds and coating coverage.

Weight 650
Loading weight max. 250 kg
Tilting 0…90
Rotation max.300 rpm
Rotation servo motor 12 Nm/3000 rpm with brake
Tilting servo motor 5 M,/3000 rpm
Total power draw ~1.2 kW