Technical Services

Technical Services

Advanced Materials and Technical Services (AMTS) Inc.™’s mission is to provide technical and business products and services to our customers to assist in their day-to-day operations, development programs and assist in their corporate strategic growth.

Our products and services include:

  • Technical & business products and services to support companies business, development, and production operations
  • Provide advanced materials & technology to support a company’s existing operation
  • Provide advanced materials, technology and market analysis to support a company’s new business focus
  • Assist companies develop new products for an existing product line and new products to expand into new business areas
  • Provide market, technology and competitive analysis, and capital investment analysis to assist companies strategic business decisions

Our Customers

Our customers include:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) developing new products
  • Corporations involved in advanced materials, coatings and manufactured products – Advanced materials companies developing new materials
  • Spray Shops providing engineered coatings
  • Manufacturers producing net shaped components (HIP, Sintering, etc.)
  • Companies investing in the materials, coatings or manufactured products industry
  • Companies reviewing acquisitions in the materials, coatings and component industries – Universities conducting research & development
  • Corporations, private equity companies and venture start-ups