Technical Services

Project Management

AMTS provides companies with project management services.

We provide our Clients with the technical, supervisory, and managerial services necessary to fully realize their project needs. At every stage of the project, our services are distinguished by the rigorous attention given to every detail while aggressively managing three critical elements – program, budget and schedule. We employ advance planning to enable coordination with all Project Team members and to ensure the realization of project goals. We provide reporting procedures compatible with our Clients’ in-house decision-making processes as well as a detailed project schedule that is cost-based making it a tool for forecasting funding requirements.

Project Management Services are provided for:

  • Product Development (powders, coatings, products)
  • Research and Development (powders, coatings, systems, equipment)
  • Systems Development (Integrated Systems)
  • Facilities Design and Construction (Production, Laboratory)