Technical Services

Processing and R&D

We support materials processing, coatings and fabricated parts processing for a range of processes & industries. Powder processing involves a range of technologies from reaction synthesis, milling, agglomeration and plasma processing (spheriodization) to nano-based powder processing techniques.

Thermal spray coating processes include plasma, high velocity oxygen-fuel, wire arc and combustion processes. Processing efforts are conducted with companies to develop or improve coatings for a variety of industries.

Materials consolidation efforts involved in include metal/metal alloy hot-isostatic pressing to ceramics sintering processes. Past efforts include sintering of ceramics to more recent efforts supporting nanomaterials consolidation for applications in the aerospace industry to oil & gas industry.

Materials, coatings and consolidation processing is conducted in collaboration with leading companies and research organizations recognized in their specialty.

Brief examples of industries we have experience working in include:

  • Power Generation (transition ducts, combustion liners)
  • Aerospace Industry (actuators, etc.)
  • Semiconductor (chamber components, etc.)
  • Electronics (capacitors, dielectrics, contacts, etc.)
  • Automotive Industry (pistons, brakes, rotors, etc.)
  • Paper Industry (rolls)
  • Printing (anilox rolls)
  • Steel (rolls, Iron-based and ceramic coatings)
  • Consumer products (golf clubs, valve/faucet, locks, etc.)
  • Oil & Gas (pump, compressor and valve components)