Systems & Equipment

Power Feeders

AMT type powder feed systems are either volumetric or graphimetric disc feeders based on the same technologies as the well-known Twin feeders.

The disc feeder guarantees a stable and reliable feed rate over the whole spray process. The feeder is made for all type of plasma spray powders in the range of 5 to 200 microns. AMT feeders can be run with either Plasma, or HVOF or with the ThermoSpray processes.

AMT powder feed systems are available as fully integrated systems (e.g. for the AMT MP 200 Thermal Spray Control System) or as standalone version powder feed systems (e.g. for AMT series 80 Thermal Spray Controllers).

The majority of the spare and wear parts of the AMT powder feeders are fully compatible with Twin type feeder system parts of other manufacturers. AMT powder feeders are designed to meet all required safety and gas control standards. All powder feed systems are designed according to the latest CE regulations.


Powder Feeder Type Single-20FRC Single-20MFC Twin-20MFC
Hopper Size (Standard) 1 x1.5 ltr. 1 x 1.5 ltr. 2 x 1.5 ltr.
Carrier Gas Control 1 x auto 1 x auto 2xauto
No. of flow meters 1 x MFC 1 x MFC 2 x MFC
Disc Speed Control 1 x auto 1x auto 2 x auto
Stirrer Speed Control 1 x auto 1 x auto 2 x auto
Start/Stop Interface connection yes yes yes
E-Shop Interface yes yes yes
Balance yes w/o w/o