Systems & Equipment

MP 200 Multi Process Thermal Spray System

multiThermal spray gun for each process: Plasma, HVOF and Flame
AMT AG offers a wide range of thermal spray guns for various applications. Furthermore any thermal spray gun of other brands can be used.

  • Control module with MMI touch screen – The color touch screen allows the graphical display and the programming of all process relevant parameters
  • Gas module for each process Plasma, HVOF and Flame
  • Jam module for each process (Junction and monitoring)
  • Powder feeder
  • Plasma power supply Pulse Arc 1000 Heavy duty secondary chopped rectifier

The advantages are:

  • Modular design; allows to upgrade the system on a later stage with an additional process, Plasma, HVOF or Flame
  • Powder/Wire
  • Closed loop control system for all process gases equipped with mass flow controllers
  • Selection of different spray guns possible
  • Each connected gun is protected with stored parameters
  • PLC controlled process control