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F1 Plasma Guns for Internal Diameters

F1 guns are specifically developed for thermal spray applications of internal diameter coatings of harsh industrial production conditions. F1 guns can be used in combination with almost all commercial plasma controllers available on market.

Today F1 plasma guns are well established in the thermal spray market. In a wide range of industrial applications the internal guns are well known since years of rigid and durable equipment. The rigid gun design allows producing high quality spray coatings over a long time

The F1 Internal Plasma Guns are available in two spray angles:
F1-90: Internal spray gun with 90° gun head configuration
F1-45: Internal spray gun with 45° gun head configuration

Specifications F1:F1 Plasma Guns for Internal Diameters
Plasma Gases: Ar/H2, Ar/N2, Ar/He
Maximum Power: 25 kW
Water Pressure: (min/rec./max) 10/12/15 bar
Water Flow: 15 ltr./Min
Shaft Length 500 mm
Gun Diameter: Ø 45 mm
Smallest Spray Bore Diameter: Ø 70 mm
Weight (without gun cables): 2’800 g

AMT plasma spray guns are delivered in a rigid gun box with a full set of gun maintenance tooling. All guns are designed in accordance to the latest regulations.

AMT delivers a wide range of wear, spare and consumable parts for nearly all commercial plasma spray guns from stock. Please ask for a quotation