Technical Services


AMTS provides design, engineering and fabrication services. These services range from turn-key processing cells to system components.

Efforts include custom gas control consoles, automation, robotics and diagnostics tools. These systems may incorporate gas flow control, pneumatic, electrical, and/or mechanical control systems.

Our customers frequently require custom engineered, designed and fabricated systems. Fabricated products are provided in collaboration with partnering companies providing fabrication services for AMTS designed components.

AMTS personnel have over 20 yrs. of experience in design and engineering for a range of engineered products.

  • Engineered systems (mechanical, control systems)
  • Custom gas management control
  • Microprocessor controlled systems
  • Actuation (servo-, stepper motors)
  • Automation, robotics
  • Diagnostics (control vision)
  • Specialty (safety interlocking, gas sensors, etc.)