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9MBM Plasma Spray Gun

The type 9MBM plasma spray gun is well established in the thermal spray market. In a wide range of industrial applications the gun is well known since years as a rigid and as a durable equipment. The rigid gun design allows producing high quality spray coatings over a long time.

The 9MBM plasma spray gun can be used in combination with almost all commercial plasma controllers available on the market. The plasma spray gun is foreseen to be used for industrial multiple applications. The 9MBM is designed to operate continuously (100% duty cycle) with power levels up to 80kW (80 volts @ 1’000 amps).

9MBM Plasma Spray Gun
The 9MBM main parameters are:
Plasma power rating up to 80 kW
Typical spray rates of 75 gramms per minute
Typical deposit efficiencies of 75%
Wide range of port assemblies
Multiple cooling air jets are available
The modular gun design permits the use of high performance hardware